Learn Online in only 17 minutes per day - quick, easy and effective!

You want to learn Online in a simpler and quicker way with lasting effect?

The language courses specialist 17-minute-languages.com offers a proven possibility to learn Online easily and that in only about 17 minutes training per day. Therefore the language courses uses the long-term memory learning method.

What makes this Online courses special?

  • You will learn how to use the basic Online vocabulary in only about three months
  • All you have to do is to learn about 15 to 20 minutes per day
  • With the brand new exercises, which the program provides you every day, you will learn quickly and easily Online
  • Moreover you will be able to build sentences and to speak your new language
  • With the beginner's course you will reach the A2 level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages
  • The program does not have to be installed, thus it is really easy to use
  • The courses grants a variety of different learning methods, let's discover what works best for you

You have never enjoyed learning that much.

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How could one describe the learning method?

  • The approach is based on the long-term memory learning method
  • In only a short time you will be able to lead conversations
  • You will be amazed how motivated you are caused by the different exercises
  • Finding like-minded people in a learning community will also help you to improve your learning progress

Which content will you find in the language courses?

  • Exercises with more than 1300 words from the basic vocabulary
  • numerous phrases and terms
  • dialogues, which are spoken by native speakers, help you to speak in fluent sentences without accent and with the right stress
Learn a new language with just 17 minutes of study per day

What should you know about the software?

  • Completely updated software 2018 ✔
  • For Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, iPad, Android and Windows tablets ✔
  • More than 540,000 courses have already been sold ✔
  • You can learn online, thus there is nothing to be installed ✔

Which benefits do you have after learning with the beginner's and intermediate course?

  • Speaking Online fluently and confidently
  • Better opportunities in your career, so that working in a foreign country will not be a problem any more
  • Meeting nice people and communicating easily with them, maybe you will find someone for your future life
  • More opportunities on journeys, like understanding the locals
  • Even a conversation is possible
  • Improving your free time, reading Online books or watching Online movies
  • Better quality of life because of a higher education
  • Permanent training for your brain

the long-term memory learning method works like this:

This method is based on the latest findings of research on vocabulary learning. Every word will be repeated at precise intervals. Whenever you have learned a new word the program registers it and immediately the program begins to repeat the words systematically.

On the following day the program asks you to translate the word correctly. Now the program waits for two days. The same word will be asked to be translated correctly again on the third day.

After four more days of waiting, which means on the eighth day, you will be prompted by the same word again. After the next nine days, you will have to translate the word a last time correctly. You will never forget the word again, if you have translated it every time in the correct way. It has now a permanent place in your long-term-memory.

The repetition will start new, if you forgot the word on any occasion.

You will learn all the Online vocabulary with this learning method. Also some new words will be added to your lessons every day. In some time your vocabulary will have grown to a big amount.

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Each day you can choose how you would like to learn Online:

  • you can use a written translation-program where you have to fill in blanks
  • he program also has a "Quick Revision“-function, whenever you are asking yourself whether you know a particular Online word or not
  • There is the Multiple Choice method as well: you will be given five, seven or ten words to choose from and your task is to choose the correct translation

The daily exercises look like this:

Everyday you will get new tasks, which could be:

  • Words, some new ones but also some which you already know
  • Texts and phrases for daily use

As you can see the Online language courses tries to be as varied and exciting as possible.

In addition to that you are earning points daily. These are a clue for you, so you can see how far you came so fast.

You will be supported by the learning community:

  • After your lesson you can transfer your points online, this is absolutely free and you also do not have to register
  • Compare your points with the other learners
  • Further you can see the top scores of all learners, moreover there is a list of the Top 1000
  • Interact and get support from the like-minded people
Learn Online quickly and more effectively than with other learning methods 'Learn Online in only about 17 minutes per day

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